AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Building AWS Lambda function in Rust

This post is a summary of my presentation on 18th Monthly Technical Session. As I worked more on AWS Lambda for some feature of our service, I looked into developing AWS Lambda functions with languages not supported by Amazon. Recently, I'…

Tool to help developing AWS Lambda function in Python on your local machine.

We are trying to migrate some part of our service from daemon on EC2 server to serverless function on Lambda. By doing this, we will be able to save some pennies on AWS service and save some time from server maintainence. At first, we did …

AWS Cost Visualizer

AWS Cost Visualizer from Iskandar Setiadi A presentation which is used as GIP participants’ progress report. This presentation will explain how the custom-built AWS cost visualizer works. Presented by Iskandar Setiadi & Saskya Irena

Self-Created Load Balancer in AWS

Self Created Load Balancer for MTA on AWS from sharu1204 LVSを利用したAWS上のロードバランサー(LB)についての資料です。ポイントは、SNATを利用して戻りのパケットをAWSのデフォルトゲートウェイではなくLBに戻す点です。また、作成したLBの問題点も…