Tool to help developing AWS Lambda function in Python on your local machine.

We are trying to migrate some part of our service from daemon on EC2 server to serverless function on Lambda. By doing this, we will be able to save some pennies on AWS service and save some time from server maintainence.

At first, we did some development in Javascript on Lambda. And the development went quite well with the awesome tool lambda-local developed by Ahmad Shiina san


With this tool, we are able to develop and debug Javascript code on developer's machine without having to upload it to the cloud. With a shortened develop-deploy-test-fix cycle, we managed to develop features really fast.

We were just about to go all with Javascript when AWS enabled developing Lambda functions in Python2.7 at re:Invent 2015.

Using Python in an AWS Lambda Function | AWS Compute Blog

Since part of our stack is based on Python2 and most of our developers are more familiar with Python than Javascript. We decided to give it a try.

However, one problem is that there is no tool like lambda-local for Python right now. So we built one by ourselves and opensourced it on github.


We have also released it on PyPI


So you may try it our by installing it into a Python2.7 environment with just one command:

$ pip install python-lambda-local

Currently, it is quite feature complete except lacking enough support for the Context API. We will continue improving it.

The usage of the python-lambda-local command is quite similar with lambda-local. So there should be no hassle if you are familiar with lambda-local.

Ideas and pull requests are welcomed.

Happy hacking!