Serverless Framework

Hi! My name is Stephen and as a GIP Intern I worked in the DevOps team at HDE. My primary work during my internship involved using AWS Lambda functions. AWS Lambda are based upon the idea of ‘Serverless’ architecture. This means you don’t …

Elasticsearch: the One Stop Shop for All Your Search Needs

Here at HDE, we started with a homemade indexing algorithm to create indices of data that would be searched by users of our service. But after several years of providing the service, we realized that the performance of this algorithm, and …

38th Monthly Technical Session (MTS) Report


38th Monthly Technical Session (MTS) was held on September 22nd, 2017. MTS is a knowledge sharing event, in which HDE members present some topics and have QA sessions, both in English. The moderator of the 38th MTS was Kevin-san. The first…