HDE review

        Hello, my name is An Phung. I am from Vietnam and I have became a member of HDE’s developers from the beginning of this year. I am writing this post to share with you about my journey to HDE and about HDE environment.

My journey to HDE

Applying for internship

        Everything started after I read an old friend's facebook post about HDE’s global internship program one year ago. You can find more information about the program here. The internship was about cloud and network computing, which is what I want to get more experience from. Moreover, the internship provides around US$1,300 per month. Especially, it also pays for insurance cost and airfares to Japan. After the internship, I found out that other than visa application fee, no additional cost is required from me. On top of that, I got free lunches for the first 2 weeks in fine restaurants around Shibuya. These criteria are comfortably fit for me so I decided to apply. Right after clicking the “Apply” button, HDE Admission Challenge was showing up, asking me to solve it. HDE Admission Challenge is a web-based examination. I solved the challenge in 2 days, people can solve it in shorter time if they do not have to go to class. After 1 week, I got a reply from HDE asking me for appropriate time to do online interview. We made an appointment. The interview went smoothly. We were talking about my self introduction, my future plan. No technical problem involved.

I got accepted!

        Several weeks later, I received an acceptance email from HDE. We proceeded to make my Japan intern visa. The process was challenging. For 2 times, I thought I got rejected absolutely. But by the help of Amano-san (in Japan, -san is used to respectfully address a person) a member of HDE, we finally got the visa. That made my first impression of HDE. They are professional, prompt, and detailed. Later, when we were working on changing from internship visa to working visa, I experienced the same impression from another member of HDE. I got offered full time employee after the internship based on my work during the time. I accepted and became HDE’s member one year later.

HDE environment

        In this part, we will get to know about HDE’s working environment and entertainment environment.


        For working, HDE provides each developer with an unyielding Macbook pro. The office is organized as open space, allow people to effectively communicate with others. Even though HDE is established in about 20 years ago, company’s facility is modern and spotless. The developing technology in HDE is updated every single day. Especially, team members are supportive. I have gotten a lot of help after I first stepped into the office. They help me both in working and living in Japan. Communication are in English and Japanese. It is encouraged to have communication in English, even among Japaneses. Communication with foreigner member is of course in English. Everybody are trying hard to speak in English.


        For entertainment, HDE organizes many parties for members monthly. There are 2 main parties for all members that are assurely organized each month. There are varieties of unplanned parties during the month. Sometime, team members have lunch or night drink together to welcome new comer or farewell old members. Annually, HDE has team building activities for newcomers. I joined this team building last weeks. My body got exhausted, but it was exciting and refreshed.


        In conclusion, it seems unreliable for a member who is working in a company writing a blog review about that company right on its blog. But, I hope this post will give you a general idea about working in HDE. If you are a student or new graduates, want to to challenge yourself in new environment. Why not HDE?


First time entering HDE (CEO on the left, me on the right)


Working together


Team building